31/05/2017 16:10 BST | Updated 01/06/2017 09:46 BST

Wedding Guest Falls In Front Of Bride, Destroys Aisle In The Process


A wedding guest was left red faced when she took a tumble in front on the bride, halting the ceremony in the process.

Her mishap was caught on camera and shared by the Instagram account Wedding Ideas And Brides, where it’s been viewed more than 79,000 times.

The unnamed guest was filming the bride’s entrance on her phone when she lost her balance and toppled forwards.

As she fell to the ground, she pulled the aisle decorations with her, leaving the ushers to rush forwards and tidy up the loose foliage. 

Thankfully, the bride seemed to see the funny side and walked to the altar with a smile on her face after the short pause.

Passada 😱

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