Wedding Guests Are Getting Into Debt Forking Out For The Big Day – Here's How To Cut Back Costs

Those hen dos, overnight stays and new outfits all add up.

There is nothing more uplifting than seeing your mates tie the knot. But while the rising costs of weddings are widely documented – guests are also forking out increasingly large sums of money to attend them.

According to recent research, some guests are having to splurge as much as £1,015 to watch a happy couple walk down the aisle. That cost – a small fortune – may include attending the stag or hen do, paying for an overnight stay after the wedding and contributing to the couple’s honeymoon.

With wedding season coming up, it’s not uncommon for some lucky people to be invited to several weddings in one year. But how do you keep the costs down to avoid spiralling into debt or splurging all of your savings?

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Commit only to what you can afford

David Baddeley, CEO of the financial advisory service Scottish Trust Deed says it is not uncommon for guests to rack up debt just to afford attending weddings. This is because it’s getting increasingly common for couples to throw engagement parties, and both a destination and staycation stag do and hen do before it’s even time for the wedding.

“The solution here is simple: set out a budget and only commit to [attend] what you can afford,” he says. “Be honest from the start on what you can and cannot commit to in order to not overpromise.”

Resist the urge to buy an outfit for every wedding

Many of us have been there – investing in a brand new outfit for a wedding, which then goes straight in the wardrobe, never to be worn again. With weddings all over social media, some people feel pressure to wear something new and fabulous to each one.

But being strict with yourself and resisting the urge to buy new every time could not only save you money, but help reduce your impact on the environment. For tips on making new outfits from the clothes you already own, swot up on our advice piece from the people who’ve given up clothes shopping or read our tips on how to tailor and mend clothes that need a refresh.

Work out of it’s cheaper to get a cab home

It’s nice to stay in a hotel, especially when your feet are sore from dancing and you just want to crash out asap. But comparing the cost of a cab (if the wedding is close enough to home) with a hotel is an obvious place to start.

Failing that, it’s worth checking out local Airbnbs or even local campsites if you’re budgeting on a proper shoestring. “If choosing a cab is cheaper then book it in advance and establish a price before the big day. Alternatively, drive to the venue and stay clear of alcohol. This will also make the whole experience cheaper if it is not a free bar,” Baddeley adds.