36 Weird Halloween Costumes That Would Be A Treat To Wear

Everything from Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce couples costumes to a sexy Ronald McDonald.

Halloween is the perfect holiday for weirdos. Actions and behaviors that are normally not allowed are given a one-night pass on Oct. 31.

But the freedom to dress up however you want has a price: People who are weird the other 364 days of the year may feel pressure to top themselves ― especially to show to those normal people how it’s done.

Don’t worry: HuffPost Weird News can help.

Once again, we’ve compiled a guide to the year’s weirdest costumes, and because there is strength in numbers, we’ve included a few couples costumes as well.

Just imagine the look on the other partygoers’ faces when you and your partner show up dressed as utility poles, a toilet paper roll and poop, or even Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (now that’s really weird!).

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Couples Costume
If you're doing a couples costume, why not make it this season's power couple: Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift?
Botched Surgery Costume
What do you do when you want a sexy Halloween costume that will also gross people out? I give you the Botched Surgery Costume.
Bud Light Couples Costume
The year's dumbest controversy is now perhaps its most polarizing couples costume.
Dumpster Fire Costume
One of the most popular metaphors of the last eight years is now a hot Halloween costume. Presenting the Dumpster Fire.
Ulility Pole Couples Costume
"What are you guys?"
"A couple of pole dancers."
Ceiling Fan Costume
"So what are you, anyway?"
"I'm a ceiling fan."
"A ceiling fan?"
"Oh .... I think I see someone from long ago in my past and I must go and pretend to have a conversation with them."
Chicken Nuggets And Dipping Sauce Toddler Costume
Your little nugget will love dressing up as a deep fried piece of processed chicken and lab-created sauce -- until they are teenagers and you bring out the photos to show their friends.
Sexy Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald in a new sexy version for Halloween? They're not clowning around!
Sexy Unicorn Guy Costume
If you don't mind people asking if you're horny, then this Unicorn outfit will fit the bill.
Before, During And After You Bathroom Trio Costume
Think going to Halloween as a threesome is potentially awkward? Up the ante by dressing up as a discarded toilet tube, toilet paper and, of course, a giant dookie.
E.T. In Bike Basket Dog Costume
Pets apparently like nothing more than doing cosplay for their owner's most beloved childhood movies. This E.T. in Bike Basket Costume will also give Dad a chance to make stupid jokes like, "Is he going to bone home?"
Eat-A-Weed Gummies Costume
Sure, everyone loves the person who wears the Pot Gummies costume for Halloween. Just make sure you don't hand any real gummies to trick-or-treaters.
Sexy Rosie The Riveter
Want a sexy costume that also pays tribute to the women who worked in factories during World War II? Meet Rosie the Riveter.
Magic 8-Ball Costume
Every Halloween party needs a bad influence. Since this Magic 8-Ball Costume only gives one answer — "without a doubt" — there's a good chance people could turn to you looking for encouragement to do things they probably shouldn't. Remember: with a great costume comes great responsibility.
Kale Salad And Ranch Dressing Couples Costume
In every close relationship, there's a person who cares about health and a person who cares about taste. Show off your different sides by dressing up as a piece of kale and ranch dressing.
Surprise (But Pixelated) Flasher
Want to wear a provocative costume that won't get you arrested for public indecency? This "Surprise Flasher" will get you lots of attention, but, thankfully, no dressing-down.
Doggy Rocky Balboa Costume
Even the most chill canine will feel the "Eye of the Tiger" in this Rocky Balboa dog costume.
Venus Fly Trap Costume
This Venus Fly Trap costume will definitely grab eyeballs.
'Price Is Right' Contestant 4-Pack Costume
If you're celebrating Halloween as a foursome, turn it into a Bob Barker tribute with the "Price Is Right" Contestant 4-Pack Costume. When they hand out prizes for best costume, don't be surprised if the judges say, "Come on down!"
Sexy Patrick Star Costume
In recent years, costumes that are made to be a "sexier" version of a popular kids show have become popular. This year, Patrick Star from "SpongeBob Squarepants" is getting the sexy reboot.
Kung Fu Tea Boba Costume
If you love tea drinks, dressing up as a glass of boba tea could be a real treat.
Parent/Child Secret Service POTUS Costume
Just had a kid and want to show them to the world as safely as possible? This Secret Service Parenting Costume is just the ticket!
Billie Eilish Costume
If you want to dress up as one of pop's biggest singers, no one will bat an Eilish.
Charcuterie Board Costume
Everybody who likes dressing up for Halloween is a little bit of a ham. With this charcuterie board costume, you can add some cheese and salami to the mix as well.
Sexy Vampire Costume
This sexy vampire costume is perfect for the person who realizes you can't have a vampire without "vamp."
Sexy 'Red Super Plumber' Costume
"It's a-me, Mario! And its-a more than I typically show."
Sexy Caution Tape Costume
Wearing this Halloween costume will ensure that people approach you with caution.
Hammer Costume
This can be a fun costumeif you're willing to put up with jokes about "MC Hammer" and getting nailed.
Inflatable Broccoli
Sure, Halloween is all about candy, but your little health nut may want to spread the message about what a proper diet really means with this inflatable Broccoli costume. Or not.
Baby '80s Workout Outfit
This 80s-themed workout costume will not only introduce your child to fitness (good!), but it will also give them a taste of the bizarre fitness fashions of that decade (not so good!).
Traffic Cone
If you want a Halloween costume that really stops traffic, this orange traffic cone probably isn't it, but it will certainly slow things down, right?
Moscow Mule
Planning to party hard on Halloween? Having a costume that is basically your drink order is the most efficient way to roll. No word, just point.
This dinosaur costume is not only great for Halloween, but also perfect if you're one of the many dozens of people who enjoy engaging in the "Land Before Time" cosplay. (We see you!)
Guinea Pig Taco Costume
Trust us: If your guinea pig is a little shy, this taco costume will help them come out of their shell.
Bearded Dragon Sushi Costume
There's nothing fishy about wanting to dress up your bearded dragon like a piece of sushi.
Cat Pirate Costume
Be honest: Just the words "kitty pirate costume" probably sent some of you to click on the link without thinking.

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