03/01/2019 13:28 GMT | Updated 04/01/2019 09:47 GMT

The Weirdest Things People Do On Flights – From Scalp Pickers To Bra Stealers

Here's hoping you don't have to sit next to this lot on your travels.

What’s worse than a delayed flight? Being stuck on a plane with badly behaved passengers, of course. From seat kickers to arm rest hoggers, it’s hard to stay calm when you’re sharing a confined space with so many other strangers –some of whom don’t seem to understand common courtesy.

In a bid to find out the truly horrible things people do on flights (don’t lie, we know you want to know, too), we asked people on Twitter some of the worst they’ve witnessed. 

Personal trainer and author Alice Liveing had a cracker of a story – she saw the woman sat in front of her on a plane picking scalp flakes from her husband’s head. Vom. Meanwhile John Childs had the pleasure of watching someone pick away at their toenails on a flight to Beijing. 

Peter Cade via Getty Images

Being a frequent flyer, freelance journalist Jenny Adamson has endured her fair share of rude people including multiple passengers who wouldn’t let her out of her seat to go to the toilet and a rowdy (and very drunk) group en route to Vegas. “A group of guys gave another guy this enormous wedgie in front of everyone,” she recalled. “The cabin crew did not know what to do.”

Then there are those who don’t seem to acknowledge they’re on a flight with anyone else at all. “There was a woman who got fully changed in the cabin,” Adamson added in disbelief. “I mean she literally stripped down to her bra and knickers before putting some PJs on.”

One loved-up lady, Rebecca Saunders, was returning from her honeymoon when someone stole her bra from her hand luggage placed under her seat. She added: “It wasn’t my new husband.”

From the downright weird to the totally insufferable, Alexa Sutheran had to sit through a flight to India listening to a delightful man shouting: “Oi woman, get me another beer.”

And the horror stories just got better...

For those who want a visual picture to really appreciate the grim nature of some flyers, head to the ‘Passenger Shaming’ Instagram account, run by former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen.

Makes you grateful for that flight to Majorca in 2016 doesn’t it?