Wendy Williams Attempting To Say Dua Lipa's Name Is Our New Favourite Thing

Introducing Doola Peep.

Remember when John Travolta gifted us one of the greatest YouTube clips ever when he completely mispronounced the “wickedly talented” Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars? Well, we thing we’ve found something that’s nearly - if not equally - as funny.

This gaffe comes courtesy of US talk show host Wendy Williams, who it seems isn’t fully acquainted with our very own Dua Lipa.

Wendy was looking over red carpet footage from the weekend’s Billboard Music Awards on her show, when she asked the audience what they thought of Dua Lipa...

Or should that be Doola Peep?

Dua herself laughed the whole thing off on Twitter, asking if ‘Doola Peep’ was the name of “a new Kanye song”.

Other people on Twitter also found the whole thing hilarious:

Doola Dua is currently sitting pretty at the top of the UK singles chart with her Calvin Harris collaboration ‘One Kiss’, while she is currently making a play to properly crack the US, after ‘New Rules’ reached number six on the Billboard Chart.


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