Wes Anderson Directs The Short And Sweet Christmas Ad Of Our Dreams

The director provides a taste of the holiday spirit in his signature style.
H&M / YouTube

Wes Anderson is known for films like "Fantastic Mr. Fox", "The Royal Tenenbaums" and "The Grand Budapest Hotel", in which he created stylised worlds for his characters. Anderson's relationship with the fashion world saw him collaborate with screenwriting partner Roman Coppola to create a fashion film for Prada in 2013. Fashion films are short narrative films created as extended ad campaigns for fashion brands and built around a brand's individual aesthetics to tell stories inspired by their latest collections. Now, to usher in the festive season, Anderson has collaborated with fashion retailer H&M to create a Christmas ad for their latest collection. Take a look.

The film, called "Come Together" features Adrian Brody, who plays a conductor on H&M Lines Winter Express railroad — a train that won't reach its destination on time due to unexpected delays. As a result, all the passengers on board will miss Christmas. But Brody makes a plan to keep everyone's festive spirits up.

The H&M branding and product placement is discreetly done and, ultimately, the film is just what we need to start winding down to the holiday season.

Take a look.



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