24/04/2018 10:19 BST

'Westworld' Season 2 Opener's Timeline Twist Proves Confusing For Some Viewers

Huge spoilers ahead, obv.

The first series of ‘Westworld’ was noted for its graphic content, surprising revelations and one huge twist that revealed viewers had actually been watching the same host character in two different timelines, 30 years apart.

With series two now underway, it seems time is going to be even more of an important theme with the show’s second throw of the dice, as the season opener revealed on Monday (24 April).

Airing for the first time in the wee small hours so that viewers who wanted to avoid spoilers could go about their day safe in the knowledge that no one on social media would ruin it for them, the first episode of season two aired again at 9pm on Monday night here in the UK.

And while it was interesting to see where certain characters’ journeys were taking them - most notably Dolores and the infamous Man In Black - Bernard aka Arnold (aka whoever else Jeffrey Wright is going to be revealed as over the course of the next nine episodes) was at the centre of a story arc that proved to be a head-scratcher for some viewers.

Sky Atlantic
Jeffrey Wright in 'Westworld'

The show opened with Bernard (we think…) talking to Dolores about an ocean-related dream, and over the course of the episode, he and a handful of guests from the party in the series one finale were seen running for their life.

At the end of the episode SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! WE CAN’T STRESS WHAT A BIG SPOILER IS COMING, Bernard (or maybe Arnold) discovered that his dream had come true, but in reverse, as a huge number of hosts were seen drowned in a mysterious sea that had appeared as if from nowhere.

The vague timeline of the episode went down a storm with some ‘Westworld’ fans, who had been looking forward to yet more intriguing action from the hit US drama…

However, for others, the confusing narrative backfired, leaving them feeling more frustrated than intrigued...

Evan Rachel Wood, whose character’s journey was one of the most important story arcs in last year’s series, recently revealed that from next year, she’ll be paid equally to her male co-stars in ‘Westworld’.

Following this, Thandie Newton - who stars as Maeve, the most sentient of the robot hosts - disclosed that she too will be paid the same from season three onwards.

‘Westworld’ airs on Monday nights on Sky Atlantic in the UK, and is then available to stream on Now TV.