What Is The 100 Envelope Challenge on TikTok And Does It Work?

Apparently it could help you save £5,000 – but not everyone is convinced!
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As the cost of living crisis continues to rise, nearly all of us are trying to find ways to save money. TikTok’s latest money-saving hack could apparently help you save £5,000. It’s called The 100 Envelope Challenge and it works by putting money away in labeled envelopes over the course of 100 days.

It apparently works by first labelling envelopes 1 through 100, with the idea of filling up each envelope chronologically. For example, on day 20, you would find envelope 20 and put £20 in it. So by the end of 100 days, if you’re able to you would have saved £5050.

Some users prefer to use this sporadically instead of chronologically. So, today you might pick up day 1 whilst tomorrow you may pick up day 30.

A few users swear by it and have successfully completed the challenge.


I forgot the tiktok I saw last year that inspired me to do this. Please @ her if you know! I’m not good at saving money, but this challenge really helped me to save 🙏 #fyp #octobertiktok

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Others think the challenge is a bit unrealistic to complete in 100 days. “I don’t even make 5000 in 100 days,” one user said. “Step 1 - have money,” another added.

If your income doesn’t allow you to complete this in 100 days, you can set yourself a target to complete it within a few months or even a year, the result stays the same.

But, most people now don’t have random stacks of cash on hand. Instead, you could complete the challenge digitally. You could create a pot on Monzo or use a normal savings account and set up a direct deposit of money every week.