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1 In 2 Women Have Given Up On Their True Dream

Kids remind us what it feels like to dream.

What did you dream about last night? Chances are, it blurred the instant the alarm went off, and by the time you’d grabbed your toast and keys, your head was full of a hundred other things you needed to think of to get through today. Now, what if we asked you to remember the dreams you had as a child?


For most women, dreams are silly, unrealistic, not things ‘grown-ups’ have time to entertain. Whether it’s a demanding career or a hectic family life, we all come to accept that a head in the clouds gets in the way of the job at hand. As a result, many of us let go of our dreams altogether.

This is true of half of the world’s female population, according to the first ever Global Dreams Index Survey, conducted by SK-II, which also found a strong correlation between dissatisfaction with life and the failure to pursue one’s dreams. In contrast, 82% of women around the world who admitted to being satisfied with their lives put it down to “doing what you love”.

The results of the study is being accompanied by a sweet little film, Dream Again, which invites women to explain why they’ve given up on their dreams. They are then counselled on how they might free themselves from the things holding them back. Unbeknown to them, the counsellors are actually children, one of whom reassures a weeping grown-up with the words, ‘Your younger self is proud of you now’.

Kids remind us what it feels like to dream. Here are a few wise words from young girls you might recognise in yourself, reminding you to pursue yours again…

Remember your dreams
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The cold light of day has a knack for destroying dreams, but without something to strive for, what exactly is your purpose? Instead of putting it out of your mind, make a point of reminding yourself of your big dream every day. Then spend your waking hours focusing on finding ways to achieve it.
Growing up doesn't mean losing your way
Your dreams define who you’ve always wanted to be. Studies show time and time again that happiness comes to those who live life with the aim of getting there. Embrace change by all means, but not at the expense of giving up your hopes and dreams.
Don't stop believing in magic
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The gradual acceptance that goals can only be achieved with a head rooted in reality means we leave the dreaming to others. You see a cautionary tale in those who don’t make it, but at the same time applaud when you see someone living their dream. Win or fail, it’s never going to happen to you unless you put yourself in the picture.
Get out of your comfort zone
You know what you’re capable of, so you stick to it. The fear of what lies beyond is what holds you back. Children face scary obstacles every day, but they overcome them, quite simply because it’s what they’ve set their mind on doing. Tell yourself: you want to, so you have to.
Don't hold back
If dreams were easy to achieve, you’d be living yours already. You have to push yourself and go the extra mile. You can only achieve the impossible when you dare to dream big. Dreams have no boundaries. The biggest barriers are in your mind…
Surprise yourself
It’s easy to blame any number of things for not achieving your dreams, but ultimately, it’s you that’s holding you back. Others can think you won’t make it all they like, it’s not their loss if you fail. It’s up to you to prove to everyone, most of all yourself, that you are the stuff of what dreams are made.