'Homes Under The Hammer' Presenter Martin Roberts Reveals What He Really Thinks Of The Show's Incredibly Literal Music

The song choices have become low-key iconic over the years.
Martin Roberts
Martin Roberts
Ian West - PA Images

Anyone who’s watched day-time TV classic ‘Homes Under The Hammer’ will have probably guffawed at some point over the music choices.

The soundtrack has become a major talking point over the years, generating something of a cult following on social media. A lot of people have nothing but praise for the mystery hero behind the songs which are often very literal, matching the location or situation perfectly.

Some have said they would quite like the job of music selector for themselves and presenter Amanda Holden has already asked if the show can release some form of album.

But ‘Homes Under The Hammer’ presenter Martin Roberts has shot down any rumours that it’s all down to one person. He tells HuffPost UK a team of editors choose the songs and, much to our delight, sometimes he’ll get in on the action too.

“They are people who just trawl through all the songs that are available and come up with the most unbelievably obscure links to whatever we’re doing,” he says. “And it is very, very funny.

“What I love about it is that it’s not always in your face. Sometimes it is absolutely in your face, but sometimes there’s something just trickling away in the background and you go: ‘Why are they playing that?’ and then it just drops and you go: ‘Oh holy moly, that is so cool’.”

The presenter, who appeared on ‘I’m A Celebrity’ in 2016, adds: “It has become legendary hasn’t it? It’s become synonymous with the show.

“I don’t think anyone set out with it in mind from a format point, but it has certainly become one - and now a lot of people look out for it.”

Martin, seriously though, can we have a job?


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