13 People Reveal What Put Them Off Returning To A Restaurant

'Bug parts.'

Ever been to a restaurant and vowed never to return because something really, really grim went down?

If not, it would appear you’re one of the lucky few.

Here, Redditors have opened up about the reasons they decided to never go back to a restaurant again. From insects in their food to bad service, here’s what they had to say.

1. The One That Said ‘No’

“They said ‘no’ when I asked for a glass of water.”

2. The One With The Cake

“Went to a restaurant on my birthday. They found out and surprised me with a huge piece of cake. Then they added the cake to the receipt.”

3. The One With The Bugs

“The nozzle fell off the soda fountain and bug parts fell out into my cup.

“I told a worker and they just screwed the nozzle back on when they thought I wasn’t looking. Who knows what else they weren’t cleaning.”

4. The One With Recycled Rice

“I saw the waiters taking half uneaten bowls of rice and dumping them back into the rice cooker.”

5. The One With The Grasshopper

“There was a wing and body of a huge dead grasshopper in the middle of my salad.”

6. The One With The ‘Herb’

”I wasn’t even that bothered, I’m not a confrontational person. I didn’t even want a whole new meal, I just wanted a new egg.

“The waitress came back from the kitchen and said that the chef was insisting it was a bit of ‘herb’ that he uses in his cooking. You could see the legs and wings. They were so insistent that I could see it wasn’t worth arguing.”

7. The One With The Packaging Baked In

“The little brownie mix package was baked into the goddamn brownie.”

8. The One With The Mega Wait

“Went to a local Mexican restaurant. Ordered our food. Sat there for damn near two hours and it never came.

“Asked the waitress twice where our food was, and she apologised and said it was coming. It never came so we got up and went to leave. Three employees come up to us and say they are going to call the cops on us for dine and dashing. I told those dumb fucks we never even got our food and walked past them.”

9. The One With The Sneeze

“I caught the Chinese food restaurant’s employees sneezing in the food. They saw me see it from far away and walked into the back.”

10. The One Which Ended At The Dentist’s

“Went to a local Mexican place and got a burrito. Took a bite in and found glass.”

11. The One With Hidden Bones

“Found a bunch of eaten chicken wing bones in my appetiser basket. They just dropped a new piece of paper over them and filled it up with onion rings.”

12. The One With The Toenail

“I was enjoying my pho when I felt something hard on my tongue. I pulled it out of my mouth and it was a bitten-off toenail.”

13. The One With Bad Hygiene

“Chinese restaurant. They stored their ‘to go’ containers in the restaurant bathroom.”