WhatsApp Reveals Dominic Cummings Called Senior Female Official A 'C***'

Covid Inquiry publishes misogynistic messages sent during the pandemic.
Dominic Cummings
Dominic Cummings
Sky News

Dominic Cummings called one of the most senior women in government a “c**t”.

Giving evidence to the Covid inquiry on Tuesday, Boris Johnson’s former chief of staff was asked if he had treated No.10 officials with misogyny.

Cummings said: “Certainly not.”

He was then shown an August 2021 text sent by him a group which included other senior Downing Street officials where he raged against Helen MacNamara, the deputy cabinet secretary.

“If I have to come back to Helen’s bullshit… I will personally handcuff her and escort her from the building,” Cummings said.

“I don’t care how it its done but that woman must be out of our hair - we cannot keep dealing with this horrific meltdown of the British state while dodging stilettos from that c**t.”

Dominic Cummings WhatsApp message
Dominic Cummings WhatsApp message
Covid. Inquiry

Having been shown the message, Cummings said the language was “obviously appalling”.

“I got on well with Helen on a personal level,” he said. “I apologise for my language towards Helen.”

But he said “a thousand times worse” the “underlying insanity in No.10” which in part he said was the fault of MacNamara.

Other messages show Cummings had pushed for Johnson to sack Matt Hancock as health secretary during the pandemic.

“His uselessness is still killing god knows how many,” he said in one text from March 2020.

He also repeatedly criticised Boris Johnson for acting as a “trolly” who could not make decisions or stick to them.

Earlier, the inquiry heard Johnson wanted old people to “accept their fate” and catch Covid so that the young could get on with their lives.


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