I'm A Doctor ― The Best Time To Apply Deodorant Isn't In The Morning

I need to rethink everything.
bymuratdeniz via Getty Images

In a recent TikTok about hyperhidrosis, Dr. Karan Rajan, who’s known for spreading his medical knowledge on the app and in his book, shared some sweat-busting tips for sufferers.

Firstly, he recommended getting your hands on some glycopyrronium wipes if you can ― these are prescription-only, but work wonders by blocking “the receptors responsible for sweat gland activation.”

You can also use mild electrical charges and muscle inhibitors like Botox to calm the clam.

But one sentence caught me by surprise in his video ― “if you are using an antiperspirant, use it at night-time,” the doctor advised.


“This is when your sweat glands have their lowest activity level,” the doctor said, “so the antiperspirant is better absorbed and more effective.”

Dr. Shari Lipner, a dermatologist and associate professor at Weill Cornell Medicine, seems to agree.

Speaking to TODAY, the pro said, “We sweat less at night, so the antiperspirant can come into closer contact with sweat glands and decrease sweating.”

Even personal care brands have weighed in on the topic ― Dove writes on their site, “Before bed is actually one of the best times to put on deodorant or antiperspirant.

“This is because your body temperature drops and your sweat glands are less active at night, which gives the formula a chance to really get to work.”

Any other tips?

Yep! Dr. Rajan says “If you use the roll-on [deodorants], you can use that on your hands and feet too.”

Other tips to increase your deodorant’s efficiency include making sure your pits are fully dry before you apply it, washing your body with a weak hydrogen peroxide solution, and ― obvious as it may seem ― keeping on top of your laundry (per WebMD).

If you’re wondering whether all this has convinced me to get my roll-on on at nighttime, all I can say is you better be Sure it has (sorry).