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'EastEnders' Spoilers: Who Dies? Dramatic Ambulance Crash Leaves Lives Hanging In The Balance

But Jane Beale isn't out of the woods yet either.

‘EastEnders’ left fans guessing yet again on Thursday (7 September) night, after one of three ambulances carrying Walford residents was involved in a dramatic crash. 

The lives of Abi and Lauren Branning, Linda and Johnny Carter, and Steven and Ian Beale are currently hanging in the balance, after a lorry collided with one of the emergency vehicles they were travelling in, causing it to overturn. 

There was a dramatic ambulance crash at the end of the episode, but who was inside?

The episode began by revealing Johnny was the mystery person Ted Murray had shot in a panic at the end of Tuesday’s episode

In a surprise twist, viewers saw wife Joyce take the rap for her distressed husband, who was clearly suffering some form of post-traumatic stress, following the gas explosion in the Square.

Johnny was then carted off to hospital accompanied by his mum, Linda. 

Linda and Jonny were travelling in one ambulance

Meanwhile, more residents became embroiled in the fire at Beale’s restaurant, which Steven started in an attempt to kill his step-mum Jane, after she discovered his and Max Branning’s secrets. 

After noticing the flames while passing by, Abi attempted to rescue Jane, but became trapped when a beam fell on her. 

Back in the pub, Steven and Max jumped to the conclusion Lauren may have been in the restaurant when the fire started, and rushed to the scene. 

Abi was taken to hospital with Lauren

Discovering it was actually Abi inside, they rushed her to safety, but Max chose not to spare Jane, as he took the ultimate revenge on her for letting him go to prison for Lucy Beale’s murder. 

With Lauren then going with her sister Abi in an ambulance, and Steven and Ian not far behind in another, all three emergency vehicles were racing to Walford General. 

However, which one was hit by the truck remains to be seen, but with one resident set to lose their life by the end of the week, things aren’t looking good. 

Could it have been Ian and Steven's ambulance involved in the crash?

Spoiler pictures taken on set last month suggest it was Linda and Johnny’s ambulance that overturned, but this still could turn out to be a hoax to throw viewers off the scent. 

It has also been announced actor Aaron Sidwell is leaving his role as Steven Beale, also placing him as the character who could die. 

And don’t forget, Jane is still well and truly stuck in the burning restaurant...

Max left Jane for dead in the restaurant

‘EastEnders’ continues on Friday at 8pm on BBC One. 

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