Who Do You See In This Optical Illusion?

The answer could change your life...

Do you see a girl’s head or an old man’s face? One online expert claims the answer could change your life.

PlayBuzz user TeacherQuizzes says that the visage you spot first in this optical illusion reveals clues about your personality type.

TeacherQuizzes even suggests you should change how you live your life based on the extremely broad so as to apply to anyone conclusions.

If you’re struggling to see both characters, try covering up the right side of the image, and then the left. The girl’s face is on the left-hand side and the old man’s is on the right.

Did you originally see the girl’s head first? You’re curious, impetuous and impulsive, according to TeacherQuizzes. You love helping others and doing volunteer work. You’re strong and resolute, and never give up.

But how can you become an ever better version of yourself? TeacherQuizzes has an answer for that too: “You will become a better person if you listen to feedback and share problems with those around you.”

Wouldn’t we all?

Those who see the man’s head tend to be natural leaders with the initiative to lead a group through the right path. You’re “calm, honest, and faithful”. But sometimes you “should let go of things and loosen up”!

“The sweet freedom will help you relax and heal your mind and body.”


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