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Who Is Chad Johnson? 'Celebrity Big Brother' Contestant’s 9 Facts In 90 Seconds

He may be a reality TV pro in the States, but it's fair to say Chad isn't exactly famous in Blighty.

The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house will open its door again in a matter of hours and while Channel 5 bosses have done their best to keep the line-up under wraps, a list of rumoured names has inevitably leaked.

As always, some are more familiar than others, so allow us to give you the lowdown on some of the - how do we put this politely? - lesser-known stars, starting with Chad Johnson.

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US TV fans will know Chad for a variety of reasons but it’s fair to say that here in Blighty, he’s not exactly a big name - though that could all be about to change.

Get to know him a little better with our 9 Facts In 90 Seconds

1. He’s a reality TV pro thanks to ‘The Bachelorette’ and ‘Famously Single’

Chad made his first television appearance on the 2016 series of ‘The Bachelorette’, which sees men compete for the affections of one woman. Sadly, Chad didn’t impress Joelle ‘JoJo’ Fletcher and finished 14th in the series.

He then appeared on ‘Famously Single’, which is currently being aired in the US, but it’s another of his reality TV star turns which interests us as…

2. Chad was kicked off ‘The Bachelor In Paradise’

He didn’t exactly come across very well on ‘The Bachelor’ and when Chad was given a second chance by TV producers, he found himself swiftly being removed.

After a drunken outburst which saw him hurl insults at a series of his co-stars, the show’s host Chris Harrison booted him off and later explained to People: “When Chad was there, he was just a black cloud. He had really been verbally abusive to some of the staff, some of our crew and was rude to me.”

3. He’s actually an estate agent

Not so glam, eh? Chad recently joined a company who sell stunning houses in Southern California so we hope he went through all the proper channels to book holiday off for ‘CBB’.

4. And loves the gym

This man seriously loves the gym. Like, really, really loves it. Chad’s Instagram are full of selfies and videos taken during workouts along with many topless snaps.

5. Chad was once in the Marines

On his website - where you can sign up to receive a Chad Johnson newsletter - he reveals a number of interesting tidbits, including the fact he served as part of the US Armed Forces.

Explaining how his time in the Marines has shaped his personality, Chad says: “I’m used to guys who can take a joke… and enjoy poking fun at each other. I’m not accustomed to overly-sensitive types. (Unfortunately, they are taking over.)”

Hm. We’re saying nothing.

6. He says he is the “World’s Greatest Man Title Holder”

This is his Twitter bio and is followed by not one trophy emoji, but four. In that case it must definitely be true. Congrats, Chad!

7. Chad has a girlfriend

A post shared by Zoe Baron (@thezoebaron) on

Chad has been dating model Zoe Baron for a few months and confirmed the romance in early June.

“We’ve been dating off and on I think two or three months, and [became] official, I think two weeks ago,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “We actually just met up at a seafood place, and had some drinks. On a scale of one to happy, I’m happy.”

8. He’s a family man 

Chad’s mother sadly passed away in the year before his ‘The Bachelorette’ debut. 

“She was the kindest person I’ve ever known and my best friend,” he writes on his website. “I’m still healing from the passing of my mom, but want to start a family of my own someday.”

He also praises his sister, explaining: “Family means EVERYTHING to me”. 

9. Chad’s dog Pumpkin has its own Instagram account 

A post shared by Pumpkin (@realpumpkinjohnson) on

Just days before ‘CBB’ started, a snap was posted on the page along with the caption: “I know dads gonna be gone a while.”

We’re stunned, quite frankly. Who knew dogs were so terrible at keeping secrets?  

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