23/10/2020 11:35 BST

The Body From The Cube Has Finally Been Unmasked – Here's Who's Behind Those Mysterious Game Demos

The Cube's biggest question has finally been answered.

If you’re a fan of Phillip Schofield’s ITV gameshow The Cube, there’s been one question that’s remained unanswered for the last 11 years – just who is The Body?

However, the anonymous figure who demonstrates each of the challenges inside the Cube has finally been unmasked as model and singer Andrianna Christofi. 

The Body on The Cube

The 44 year old from Essex confirmed to The Sun that she has been behind the silver mask all these years, posing for a series of photos wearing her red and white show outfit. 

And while she has gone unnoticed on The Cube, Andrianna has had a career in showbiz for more than 20 years. 

She has sung on stage with Spice Girls and Boyzone, and also sang both national anthems for the England-Greece World Cup qualifier in 2001. 

On social media, she also says she is a TV presenter, and has shared her showreel on Twitter. 

The Cube debuted in 2009 and ran for nine series until 2015, seeing contestants put through a series of challenges inside a four-metre-squared cube. 

It returned for a revamped run earlier this month, with the top prize upped from £250,000 to a whopping £1million. 

Phillip Schofield hosts The Cube

Olympian Mo Farrah is the only person to have ever beaten The Cube, taking the top prize during a 2012 charity special. 

The Million Pound Cube continues on Friday at 9pm on ITV.