01/08/2017 15:53 BST | Updated 01/08/2017 22:27 BST

Who Is Trisha Paytas? 'Celebrity Big Brother' Contestant's 9 Facts In 90 Seconds

We reckon she's going to make her presence known pretty quickly.

Not all celebrities are created equal in the fame stakes, and if you needed proof of this then please turn your attention to ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

The house is once again playing host to a new crop of stars and while some of those reportedly going in are pretty well-known - Barry from ‘EastEnders’, anyone? - the same cannot be said for some of the programme’s US bookings, including Trisha Paytas.

Trisha is among those calling the Borehamwood bungalow home, but while she might boast over two million subscribers on YouTube, it’s fair to assume many viewers will be left asking, “erm, who?”.

This is where our 9 Facts In 90 Seconds comes in. Not totally sure how Trisha is famous? Have no idea what her talents are? Let us fill you in…

1. We’ll start with her YouTube following 

The 29-year-old has been posting clips on the site since 2006 and initially started her channel as a Quentin Tarantino fansite.

Nowadays, she focuses on sharing fashion and beauty videos along with food posts. Her most-watched videos include a series of more x-rated posts, including this NSFW ‘How WE Have Sex’ post made with a former boyfriend.

2. She’s in an Amy Winehouse music video

Trisha makes an (admittedly blink-and-you’ll-miss-it) appearance in the visual accompaniment to ’Tears Dry On Their Own’.

Catch her in the video above at around the 11-second mark.

3. Trisha was once tried (but failed…) to break a World Record

While taking part in a US TV show, she attempted to break the record for fastest talker by managing a speed of 650 words per minute. Sadly, she didn’t quite manage to get the speed up and the record remains unbeaten.

4. She’s been on more television shows than most people have had hot dinners

Seriously. Here’s a brief - though not complete - list of some of the shows she’s popped up on: ‘My Strange Addiction’, ‘Dr Phil’, ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, ‘Modern Family’, ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’ and ‘The Greg Behrendt Show’.

5. She loves ‘CBB’

Trisha’s a longtime viewer and has been campaigning for a spot on the programme since 2015.

While there’s always a few housemates who haven’t paid enough attention to how the game works, Trisha should be ready for anything Big Brother throws at her.

6. Trisha split from fellow YouTuber Sean van der Wilt in 2016

Their decision to call it quits hit headlines in the States, thanks to the fact Trisha alleged she had caught him kissing a man while they were still together. At the time, Sean had not publicly discussed his sexuality and many fans criticised Trisha for “outing” him.

7. She’s going to seriously miss ‘Game Of Thrones’

A post shared by trishapaytas (@trishapaytas) on

Trisha often posts about her love for the show on Instagram and Twitter, but how’s she going to cope without weekly instalments from Westeros?

8. She’s already started a career in music

Trisha has released a series of tracks and EPs and her fourth, titled ‘Daddy Issues’, reached number 11 in the US iTunes chart.

In 2015, she released a covers album, ‘Under The Covers’, which featured her versions of tracks by acts including Marilyn Manson and Eminem.

9. Her first ever crush was Donny Osmond 

Let’s finish on something nice and random. Trisha made this relevation in - yes, you guessed it - one of her YouTube videos, the aptly-titled ‘Fifty Random Facts’. 

If this hasn’t been enough for you, then check them all out below... 

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