There's Actually A Scientific Reason For Why You're Always Cold

If you're warring over the thermostat, you're not alone.
Stephanie Verhart via Getty Images

Have you ever wondered why your girlfriend is so cold? Or maybe you’ve noticed that your boyfriend doesn’t like the heating on too high? Well, I promise he’s not trying to annoy you, it’s science.

It turns out that women and men have different body temperatures. In a stitched TikTok video Dr Karen Raj shared a video of a couple explaining why they can’t shower together. The man claims that his partner likes to take showers that are boiling hot, whereas he enjoys showers with warm water.

Raj shares why that there are a few reasons why women may feel colder than men.

“Women have a fractionally higher core body temperature than men and this seems like it might keep someone warm but alas if someone is used to being warm, something cold can feel even colder,” Raj explains.


Why women feel colder than men ..on average @micahandsarah

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And, shock horror, taking the pill can affect your body temperature.

He adds: “And this cold sensitivity rises more if someone is taking hormonal birth control. Women may have cold extremities than men, the hands, the feet, the earlobes, might be sitting up to 3 degrees lower than in men.”

This is partly due to estrogen which thickens the blood reduces blood flow to the capillaries which supplies the extremities, according to Raj – and cold might be at its peak when you ovulate due to high estrogen levels.

So the next time your girlfriend complains about being cold, listen to her okay?