24/11/2017 14:19 GMT | Updated 24/11/2017 14:19 GMT

Why ‘Stranger Things’ Is The Awesome Childhood Your Kids Should Never Miss

Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Will and Lucas are the actual #squadgoals

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Stranger Things is a supernatural walk down the memory lane for fans of the 80s’ sci-fi and thriller tales, and possibly a comeback of this style of life and growing up with a modern twist on it. Some of the most impressive times are when the show takes a diversion away from what you were imagining. Though, there are a few epitomes wandering around in the series that seemed to have been taken from other sagas you might be familiar with. Yet, later on they give it an interesting tweak you weren’t expecting.

One of the reasons Stranger Things is so unique is that it is not just a great plot line because of its incredible mystery story, it also encapsulates everything that made growing up so amazing. Set in a time when the kids didn’t have Pokémon Go, virtual reality specs, or iPads to pass time after school. When phones are not in everybody’s pockets and where family relationships are in the limelight. The show exemplifies the importance of communication and being able to talk to the parents about anything. The issues that were presented in the show are true even today. Parents still have a tricky time guiding their teenagers to adulthood, and single-parent families today still face the similar challenges as exhibited in the show.

From board games, walkie-talkies, bike rides and Star Wars, to Eggos – a childhood before technology took over. The whole series is a throwback as it was meant to be. It’s like an era piece how they capture the essence of the 80s. We instantly become absorbed back in “the good ol’ days” when happiness and joy was found in the simpler things. It is not just the excellent casting and fantastic story line that makes Stranger Things so wildly successful. It is as if looking through glass into the childhood we never want to forget, now that we are adults.

El (Eleven), Dustin (a.k.a. Toothless), Mike, Will and Lucas are the actual #squadgoals. Their love for one another despite, constant insulting and quarreling with each other is striking. Their friendship shows that no matter what happens, even if they fight, they stick together. The boys and Eleven also stand up for each other when the school bullies pick on one of them. We all had friends like that when we were young and life was less frenzied. It reminds us that even as adults, how pure, childhood friendships are.

Kids who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s will love the nostalgia. Your child will get a glimpse of how your life was like without the technologies they have access to today. Stranger Things is just another way to share with your kids a sight of your childhood!

Stranger Things is a homage to all those films we grew up with in the late 80s to early 90s in a genuine way. Everything feels so natural; the fear of loss, the bike riding through dark and empty roads with only a torch, the suspense of Will Byers missing, and the reminiscence only adds to the story. Gone are the days when kids left their bikes on the front lawn, except in areas with gated entrances.

You and your kids will not only enjoy the show, but there are many teaching and learning occasions that will benefit your relationship with each other.

Go on, start your binge tonight!