'Will And Grace' Returns: 20 Times Karen And Jack Stole The Show

The show might have been called 'Will And Grace', but we're all about Jack and Karen.
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It’s official, after weeks and weeks of speculation, it has been confirmed that ‘Will And Grace’ will return for a 10-episode run later this year, more than a decade after the show came to a dramatic end.

The main cast briefly reunited last year, for a 10-minute sketch which centred around the US election, and after getting the thumbs up from fans of the original show, a ninth series is now confirmed to be in the works.

And while we are looking forward to seeing what the main duo have been up to in the past decade, it’s Jack and Karen - who stole almost every scene they were in together - that we’re most looking forward to catching up with in 2017.

Here are just 20 times they were the real stars of the show...

1. Their first encounter saw them ‘touch stomachs’ for the first time

We still don’t know why, but we’re excited to see it again in 2017.

2. It didn’t take long for Karen to realise she’d finally met her match in Jack...

3. ...Although on occasion, she still managed to best him


4. They did always patch things up in the end, though. Sometimes a little too well

This particular moment took place at a support group which, as Karen pointed out, was “trying to make gay people straight” (”Don’t they know what that’ll do to the fall lines?” she later worried).

5. They didn’t have much regard for boundaries anywhere, actually, whether it was in the office...

6. ...at a friend’s wedding...

7. ...out for dinner...

8. ...at a charity fundraiser...

9. ...or, indeed, at a child’s birthday party

That’s their take on the “high five”, a “low two”, by the way.

10. They always had a scheme up their sleeves, such as when they threw a “casting session” in Grace’s office “just for fun”

11. And they always knew what the other was thinking

True friendship is finishing each other’s shady comments.

12. Every time they busted a move it was brilliant...

”Around the world, around the world, we like to travel...”

13. ...and they were even able to steal focus from Janet Jackson in one memorable scene


14. No one can say they didn’t know how to make an entrance...

We’re channelling this next time we walk onto the dance floor.

15. ...or a swift exit, for that matter

16. They certainly had an unusual approach when it came to handing over money

17. And even though their friendship so often bordered on inappropriate...

18. ...they always knew how to have a laugh

(Even if it was usually at someone else’s expense).

19. And they never lost sight of why they were friends...

20. ...right up to the very last episode

In fact, their last scene as a duo truly was unforgettable...

’Will And Grace’ will return later this year.

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