People Are Just Realising Why Will Smith's Kids Are Called Willow And Jaden, And I Feel Stupid For Not Noticing This Sooner

It's so obvious now I think about it.
Presley Ann via Getty Images

In a now-deleted post, X (formerly Twitter) user @Shekkkk__ revealed her theory about Will Smith’s children’s names.

The Men In Black star has three kids; 23-year-old Willow Smith and 25-year-old Jaden Smith, whose mum is Jada Pinkett Smith, and 31-year-old Trey Smith from a previous relationship with Sheree Zampino.

Willow and Jaden have both been in the spotlight for most of their lives, with Willow’s first song Whip My Hair launching when she was just 10 years old.

But despite their fame, people were still “mind blown” by the X user’s theory about where they got their name from.

Which is...?

“No, I just clocked why Will & Jayda’s kids are called Jayden & Willow & now it’s time for my bed,” @Shekkkk__ said.

She seemed to be implying that the children’s names are inspired by their parent’s names (oh dang ― I should have caught that sooner).

“I thought this was common knowledge,” a Reddit user said in a post about the topic almost a decade ago.

“They named their daughter after him and their son after her. I realised this shortly after Willow whipped her hair back and forth, but figured I was the last to the party. Guess not,” they said.

If you missed it, you’re not alone

“Sis, do not worry cause I [live] in the US, and you just helped me connect the dots lmaoooo,” one person commented under the now-deleted X post.

“I feel so dumb for just realising that Willow and Jaden Smith’s names are just variations of their parent’s names,“ another one said.

“Is this not the most obvious [thing]? Like not even passively hearing their names and nothing clicks in y’all’s heads?” yet another commenter posted (TBH, I’ll take the heat on that one ― I have no idea how I missed it).


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