There's Something Very NSFW About This Woman's 'Floral' Cushions

Look closer 👀

A woman’s unassumingly NSFW cushions have the internet in stitches.

Looking to spruce up her home, the woman (who remains anonymous) purchased some cushions with what appeared to be a tasteful, blue floral pattern on them.

At first, the cushions looked fairly innocent - after all, what could be so rude about flowers?

But when you look closer... Yep, that’s actually an eclectic mix of penises.

A photo of the cushions was uploaded to Reddit with the caption: “My mother bought these throw pillows...

Needless to say, it’s amused the Reddit community no end.

“I couldn’t figure it out for the longest time. Then, I realised I’d been staring at a bunch of dicks for the past five minutes,” wrote codst3r.

Another person said they had showed the cushion to their husband and had enjoyed watching his brain determine what was going on. “His first look was, ‘okay, so they are flowers... are they flowers... oh, that’s a penis!’,” wrote Viperbunny.

Another commenter said they appreciated “the ratio of uncircumcised to circumcised” penises. “Representation matters folks,” they added.

The unusual design is by Coey Kuhn and can be purchased in all kinds of forms from Look Human.