This Woman 'Cooks' Her Underwear. We Needed To Find Out Why

We had questions for Adley Kinsman, who puts her bra and undies in the oven and grill.

Remember when tie-dye was all the rage? Many of us got to work in the bathtub, waiting eagerly for those beautiful patterns to show. But it’s unlikely we tried the trick on our underwear.

Not Adley Kinsman, though. The content creator from Nashville, who creates scripted and unscripted reality TV for the internet, has her own version of the DIY hack.

Kinsman cooks her undergarments to give them some colour. Recently on her social media channels, she showed herself boiling her smalls (not dirty ones, don’t worry), adding food colouring to give them a tie-dye effect. She’s also tried it on a bra, setting it on the grill and adding red wine to it for a pink hue.

We know Carrie Bradshaw kept her jumpers in the oven as a storage solution, but this is taking things to another level.

And before we go any further, we have to say: copy this with caution. There’s a reason it’s recommended you use butcher’s twine or 100% cotton when cooking a hunk of meat in the oven – synthetic materials can melt.

Nevertheless, Kinsman’s weird and wonderful antics have won her quite the following: she and her partner Blake, who also joins in on the skits, amass more than 100 million weekly views.

The couple’s commitment to internet life is real: the now-married pair let their audience plan their wedding, including picking the dress and suit (they also started a separate private account to reveal how the whole thing went down).

With such a vibrant online presence, we had to chat to Kinsman to find out where she comes up with all these wild ideas.

Adley and Blake have been leaving the internet in stitches for a long time
(Picture: Blake Kinsman)
Adley and Blake have been leaving the internet in stitches for a long time

Firstly, the tie-dye. “My friend Hannah taught me the original technique she did with her bra,” Kinsman explains. “I thought that was a really creative way to transform a basic, every day item into something unique. So we tried it with underwear and then tried the bra on the grill.”

For the underwear, Kinsman boiled it in water, adding Himalayan salt and electrolytes from a Gatorade drink, using a spoon to stir. She then used rubber bands as you would for tie-dying, before adding in her colours. The last step was to bake it for 10 minutes. And voila, tie-dyed underwear.

For the bra, Kinsman used a grill to cook the item after splashing red wine on it.

Naturally, viewers want to know if Kinsman actually uses her own delicates. “I actually didn’t own any plain white underwear or bras that would be good for tie-dying, so we just went and bought all white ones,” she says. “After the dying, I did wear them! Most of our videos are meant to be entertainment; we enjoy trying trends and experimenting with new ways to do old concepts.”

So where does she get her ideas from?

“We found that our audience really responds to videos that challenge or experiment with ‘traditional’ ways of doing things. So we try to create entertaining ideas to try old concepts in new ways. Sometimes our experiments are successful, sometimes we fail terribly! I think I’ll leave the undergarment design to the professionals. I don’t think it’s my calling!”

Funnily enough, we don’t see it catching on either.