Woman Discovers Avocado The Size Of Her Head (Proves Dreams Do Come True)

Imagine the brunch you could have with this bad boy.

A woman en route to buy a newspaper couldn’t believe her eyes when she stumbled across the holy grail of the food world: a giant avocado.

Prepare to gasp...

Pamela Wang was out for a walk when she spotted the large avo on the ground.

“I see avocados every day, and I pick up avocados every day, but this one ... it was hard to miss,” Pam told West Hawaii Today. “It was as big as my head.”

She has since submitted an application to the Guinness World Records to find out if the avocado is the world’s largest.

As you’d expect, the internet is very jealous of Pam’s discovery.

In order to submit the avocado to Guinness World Records, Pam had to get someone to witness the weighing and measuring of the giant fruit.

Ken Love, executive director of Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers, was the man for the job. He revealed: “I’ve seen [avocados] longer and I’ve seen them fatter, but not both. I think people have other ones that they don’t weigh, but I think this one, it was way up there.”

It could take up to two months for Guinness World Records to come back to Pam about whether the fruit is a record-holder or not. In the meantime, we hope she’s invited the whole street for brunch.