Woman Warns Others To Never Poo During A Date After Toilet Time Goes Terribly Wrong

'Ten feet away in my purse, was my poop' 💩

This is Makela. And she has a pretty mortifying story to share.

Makela was on a date at someone's house when nature called - she had to poo.

Unfortunately, it triggered a string of pretty unfortunate events which, to cut a long story short, ended with Makela stashing a poo in her handbag and continuing her date.

Understandably, she's pretty scarred from the whole ordeal.

Here, she explains exactly what went wrong and why it's probably for the best that you don't poo at a date's house. Unless, of course, you know their toilet works properly...

Hilariously, Makela, who is from Toronto, Canada, shared the entire escapade on Twitter where each tweet has been retweeted thousands of times.

People were quick to comment about the crap-tastrophe.

One person hailed her story as "better storytelling than anything Hollywood has done since Grandma's Boy".

Another added: "This is the greatest work of serialised nonfiction since 'In Cold Blood'."

One thing's for sure, she'll never drink coffee before a date again. And neither will we.