Woman Proposes To Girlfriend In Public And This Stranger's Reaction Is Priceless

The photo has gone viral for all the right reasons.

A stranger’s incredible reaction to a same-sex marriage proposal has melted the internet’s ice cold heart.

Jessica Rodriguez proposed to her long-term girlfriend, Chelsea Miller, this weekend at an art gallery in Chicago.

Rodriguez had arranged to have the public proposal captured on camera, but she could never have planned the epic reaction from an older woman who was sitting nearby.

The woman, who was sat in a chair reading when the proposal took place, was snapped holding her heart and gasping delightedly.

The photo was taken by the couple’s friend Ed Sanchez and tweeted by Rodriguez’s brother Carlos Jair.

It has been retweeted more than 80,000 times and had tons of supportive comments.

“Loving the reaction from the older lady in the background. What a wonderful thing to witness,” wrote one Twitter user.

The couple were walking through the Art Institute of Chicago when Rodriguez popped the question.

Rodriguez pointed towards a sign which read “Will you marry me?”, and while Miller’s back was turned she dropped to one knee.

The couple then embraced and a small crowd gathered around them.

“(We) definitely were not expecting that, or the amount of people that gathered in the gallery to watch and clap for us. It has been quite shocking and something we are not used to,” Rodriguez told News.com.au.

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