Woman Who Lost Her Arm Has A Hilariously Brilliant Tinder Bio

You definitely have to swipe right.

A woman with one arm is single-handedly winning Tinder thanks to her awesome sense of humour.


Lauren, a 20-year-old woman from San Diego, California, had her left arm amputated a year ago.

“I lost it on a moped accident going way too fast,” she told HuffPost. “I lost control and my wheel swung into the median. I flew off and hit a street sign that sliced my arm clean off.”

Thankfully, an off-duty police officer found her soon after her accident. The cop had just had tourniquet training and was able to help.

“I asked if I was going to die and he said I wouldn’t,” she said.


Though Lauren felt “pretty defensive and angry,” after her arm was surgically removed, she immediately turned to Twitter and her “decent amount of followers” to cope with the loss. Here is a small sampling of the kinds of things she posted:

Lauren said that some users made her feel bad about her new body, which only gave her a thicker skin. Most people, however, were really supportive of her hilarious posts.

“[It] showed me that people still found me beautiful and missing an arm didn’t make me less of a person,” she told HuffPost.

A week ago, Lauren decided to update her Tinder bio with her signature sense of humor. She said she didn’t think much of it because she doesn’t really use the app for dating.

“I’m getting a lot of matches and super likes because of it, but I just use it for fun,” she said. “I don’t have any interest in meeting anyone.”

On Tuesday, Twitter user @memesg0d posted a screenshot of her profile, to the social media network. It quickly went viral, receiving over 57,000 likes and 15,000 retweets.

And people found her downright sexy.

But, for now, Lauren’s just looking for someone who she has chemistry with.

“I’m looking for someone with the same type of humour and doesn’t take themselves too seriously,” she said. “That’s really all that’s important to me, someone who is still respectful about my situation and doesn’t assume I want to talk about my arm just because I make some jokes about it. Personality goes a long way.”

Amen to that!