Woman's Hilarious Reaction When Her Boyfriend Cancels Date Night

We feel for her.

An Imgur user was not impressed when her boyfriend cancelled on her last minute and we really, really can't blame her.

The unnamed woman sent him a series of images, captioned with the texts: "You're telling me...that I shaved...exfoliated and moisturised...for nothing."

She posted the texts online, along with the caption: "Please give an hour's warning, minimum."

somethingsomethingDANGER /imgur
somethingsomethingDANGER /imgur
somethingsomethingDANGER/ imgur
somethingsomethingDANGER imgur

The post has been viewed more than 200,000 times with hundreds of people finding the funny side.

"You can see the crazy in her eyes. Like 'burn your house down' crazy," one user said.

Another added: "The dude is a deuce. You don't leave a girl moisturised."

We feel her pain.

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