Women Can Now Buy A Sponge On A Stick To Clean Up 'Excess Fluid' After Sex

Because tissues are so 2018.

Is the post-sex bathroom waddle getting you down? There’s now a product designed to help you clean up on the spot.

The aptly named ‘come&gone’ is an invention to “mop up all the excess fluids” after sex. The disposable absorbent sponge, fastened to a stick lolly pop-style, is designed to be inserted in the vaginal canal, swirled and then thrown away.

Frankly, we haven’t seen something this iconic since the infamous Mumsnet penis beaker debate.

The product was created by California-based FemTech entrepreneur Frances Tang, who says she was fed up of needing a “clean up on aisle V” every time she had sex.

“The ninja roll off the bed, penguin walk to the bathroom, and camp out on the toilet just wasn’t fun,” she says on the product’s site. “Gobs of toilet paper later, I still couldn’t get it all out. Not to mention my sheets?! That’s why come&gone was created. We’re on a mission to ban the dripping, forever.”

Speaking to HuffPost UK, she clarified that the product is designed to tackle the problem “at the source”. “I didn’t feel that wipes or toilet paper really solved the problem, since it wiped up the outside only,” she said.

If you’re still thinking “er, come again?”, this eye-opening, food-based video demonstrates how it works:

The site is already filled with insightful reviews from seemingly happy customers. (Side note: who are all these people having sex before work?)

“It has made the cleanup after sexy time so much easier and faster, especially for those morning quickies where I’m going to work right after,” one review reads.

“My husband now hands me the sponge as soon as we’re done and I’m good to go [...] I remember having a morning quickie with the hubs then going to walk my dog and having a major leak that soaked my underwear. I thought, there has to be a better way!” another adds.

A downside of the product is that it’s single-use and comes in multipacks of 10 for $10 (£8.15). For hygiene purposes, the instructions clearly advise women not to reinsert or reuse the sponge. But Tang did tell HuffPost she’s currently working on creating a biodegradable version.

For now though, those who want to retain some eco-credentials will have to stick to the bathroom waddle.