Women Reveal The Things That Turn Them Off When Going To A Guy's House For The First Time

FFS get some toilet paper.

Going to a guy’s house for the first time can be a make or break situation.

To prove it, women have been sharing their dating deal-breakers when it comes visiting other people’s homes.

From dirty bedsheets to not having toilet roll, these are the things that put women off from coming over ever again.

A Questionable Bed

“Mattress with no bed frame over the age of 22.” - sk319

An Empty Fridge

“Filled fridge marks adult. Fridge with beer, red bull, and string cheese marks you probably still think I want to hear you play ‘Hey There Delilah’ on your fucking mattress on the floor.” - vahavta

Evidence From The Night Before

“Used condoms in the trash. Don’t really care if they’re sleeping with more than one person, but have some class and cover that shit with tissues or something.” - Usernamewoe

An Untrained Pet

“I dated a guy whose dog was untrained and we would go to his house to find shit all over the place and again when we woke up in the morning. He acted like it was no big deal. Didn’t help that he didn’t take the dog out often enough to start with.” - myBisL2

A Dirty Bathroom

“Once I went over to a guy’s place and his toilet and shower were brown from not being cleaned. Seriously I am messy/borderline gross but that was too much even for me.” - blonderdhd

Lack Of Loo Roll

“FFS have toilet paper!” - cyranothe2nd

Dirty Sheets

“I legit ask all guys I’m dating to wash their bedding before I come over to spend the night. I have a paranoia that guys don’t wash their bedding ever. An ex of mine said he couldn’t remember the last time he washed them. Ew. Every week to two weeks guys, not hard!” - dispositionsweet