Women Share The Best Drunken Experiences They've Had With Other Drunk Women In Toilets

Sisters 4 lyf 👯

There is nowhere on Earth more supportive than the ladies’ toilets on a night out.

Whether you’re crying over boy drama or puking your guts up over the bog, a sister will always be on hand to tell you you’re beautiful.

On Reddit, women have been sharing their favourite drunken toilet encounters and they’re equal parts hilarious and heartwarming.

To all those boozy gals we’ve spoken to in the loos and forgotten the next day, we thank you.

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1. I was out on one of my first nights in Europe and chillin’ in the restroom, waiting for one of my friends to wash her hands (there was a line). I was talking to my friend and my accent was different than everyone else’s, so it got some people’s attention. I heard a quiet “foreigner!” And then a random super drunk British girl came up to me, grabbed me by the face, and whispered “you are the brightest jewel of all”, gave me a kiss on the forehead, and then yelled “never forget!” as her friends pulled her out of the bathroom. Ever since then I like to yell “never forget!” as I’m leaving a room.

2. Needed a tampon once and the crew in the bathroom went through all their purses with no result. I was drunk and was all “OMG what do I do?” and one drunk girl threw open the door and yelled into the club “We need a fucking tampon in here!” So many girls instantly digging in their purses. I was offered around five of them within two minutes and they all insisted I keep them - just in case. I love being a girl.

- buzznights

3. The Irish bride who couldn’t lift her huge dress. She was doing the “’bout to piss myself” dance and I said “I’ll help you piss for a drink”.

She and I went out when we were both done and she screamed to the whole bar “This little thing here, she is the world’s best petticoat holder someone get her a fucking drink!” My boyfriend had to help her new husband carry her to the limo a while later.
- drunky_crowette

4. Threw my guts up in a bathroom sink while the drunk girl rubbed my back, held my hair and washed the puke down the drain, saying “look! It’s like it didn’t even happen.” She also called me beautiful. Good times. - adaman_t

5. Girl asked if she could come into the stall with me so we could keep chatting as we took turns peeing. It was a brief but fierce friendship.

- apairofpetducks

6. I walked into my friend’s bathroom during a party. Another girl (complete stranger) came in and we started doing each other’s makeup and telling each other how beautiful the other was and telling random life secrets. After we sat on the floor and just laughed about stupid stuff for maybe an hour after. Saw her across campus two days later and we just awkwardly ignored each other because we didn’t know each other’s names and had been best friends for two hours on Saturday.

- ViolentIndigo

7. I was about 40 and in a dance club in Orlando, went into the ladies’ room, and there were four girls outside a stall, banging on the door and begging “Dorinda” to come out. You could see under the door that she was sitting on the floor in there. I asked the slightly less drunk girls outside the stall what the problem was, and they said she was drunk and crying and wouldn’t come out. I said: “Have you called her parents?” They said no. I said: “Step aside.” Then I tapped lightly on the stall door and said in my best ‘mum voice’: “Dorinda? Honey? Dad and I were really worried about you. Are you OK? Dad’s got the car outside. Why don’t you come home now, hon?” And she just about busted the door down to get out, looked blearily into my face and bawled: “Mummmmmmmmm? Why he don’t LIKE MEEEEEE?” And I said: “Oh, honey, he’s an idiot. There’s a bigger and better one out there. Now let us get you out of here.” And her friends took her on outta there.”

- AuntyDotal

8. I was drunk and puking and between pukes I said a little prayer and my equally drunk friend (who was laying on the ground and had somehow lost her shirt) slurred: “Shhhh, God doesn’t want to see you like this.”

- hbbanana

9. I had just drunk texted my friend that I was in love with him and panicked. I was crying in the bathroom like a sad, drunk asshole, and these three (also very drunk) girls asked what was wrong. I told them and said I was afraid I’d ruined everything and they petted me and told me I was beautiful (a lie, but a nice one) and if he didn’t want me, he was stupid. Then when he texted me back saying he felt the same, they cheered. Then they walked me back out to my friend and made sure I was ok before leaving. They were lovely.

- frickineh

10. A bunch of friends and I were at a bar on a hot night I go in the bathroom and encounter a girl and her friend freaking out. Turns out after using the bathroom she was really sweaty and couldn’t get her tight white pants back up over her butt. Her friend and I struggled to help her pull up her pants while tucking her sweaty ass back in. After 10 minutes we got that ass back inside.

- j9nyr

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