Women Share The Things That Are Not Nearly As Attractive As Guys Think They Are

Noooo, thank you.

Guys, if you’re trying to win the affections of a woman there are a few things you should never, ever do.

Women on Reddit have been sharing the things that aren’t as attractive as guys think they are.

From bragging about how much you earn to gelling your hair to within an inch of its life, here are the things you need to stop doing.

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“Overly complex facial hair + really gelled hair + a lot of jewellery. It just looks too busy.”

- JesusListensToSlayer

“Guys who think girls want to hear about their sexual encounters.”

- FleurDeLysse

“Not all men do this of course, but catcalling. My question is, why? Like do some of them find it as a genuine compliment or do they just think it’s funny? Personally I find it kind of weird.”

- karly-chan

“Talking about how you and your buddies could totally take on those other guys at the bar, who are usually minding their own fucking business. There’s a certain type of guy who gets a few drinks in and thinks it’s really impressive to show off what a violent asshole they are.”

- cassiedoesreddit

“Using the ‘shirt half up lemme show you my abs’ picture on Tinder. The first thing that comes to mind for me is ‘must be a douche’ and I instantly swipe left.”

- Pandabear811

“Guys who act (or worse, aren’t acting) like they don’t know how to cook even the most basic food or clean their homes because they think women enjoy taking care of them like we’re their mums.”

- iamlunasol

“Bragging about how much money they make. If you enjoy your job that’s great, but I don’t want to hear how much you make. I’m not impressed by it, and bragging about it completely turns me off, I feel like you’re trying to buy me.”

- livercookies

“Random dick pictures. Noooo thank you.”

- Paisley_hippo

“Making decisions on my behalf. Ok, it’s fine when it’s the small, thoughtful things (i.e. where to eat), but if it’s constant and a power play, to the point where my ‘no’ means very little, there is a problem.”

- candlewaxrabbit

“Harsh ribbing or overly making fun of a woman they’re interested in; clearly under the impression that it’s playful flirtation and that women love it.”

- FayeHasCatHands

“Hearing about your exes. Bonus red flag: all of them happen to be crazy. All of them. I wonder what they had in common.”

- AnnOnimiss

“Putting down other women in order to compliment me. ‘She’s too skinny and her boobs are definitely fake. I like well-proportioned women like you.’ It reminds me of: ‘You’re not like other girls.’ It’s a turn off to hear a guy completely judge a random stranger. Just say I have a nice figure. That would’ve worked.”

- AutumnDescent

“I hate braggers. Being proud of an accomplishment is one thing, but we can see when you are bullshitting.”

- fireflyserenity85

“Saying that they’re a ‘nice guy’ constantly.”

Kim Cattrall

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