13/06/2017 15:13 BST | Updated 13/06/2017 15:14 BST

Women Share The Type Of Male Behaviour That Does Not Turn Them On

'Trying to send me nudes.' 🙅

Guys, when you’re trying to chat up a woman, there are a few things some of you do that are instant red flags.

On Reddit, women have been sharing the things some men do in an attempt to attract women, that actually have the opposite effect.

Spoiler: loud cars, catcalling and insults will get you nowhere.  

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“Comparing me to other girls constantly. It’s seriously not what I signed up for, dude.”



“Asking me for nudes or trying to send me nudes. I do not want to see your penis, it will not turn me on.”



“Trying to be suggestive or overly sexual way too soon. Trying to ask me what I like sexually when I’ve known you for 45 minutes or assuming I’d like all the things you’re explicitly stating that you’d do when it’s our second or third time meeting creates so much second-hand embarrassment it makes me want to vomit.”



 “Not being able to have a good time without being drunk and/or high.”



“Men who say all their exes are ‘bitches’ or ‘crazy’. I’m not saying there aren’t shitty people out there, of course there are. And we’ve all dated one or five in our lifetimes. But if all the women you’ve ever been in a relationship with are the worst, maybe you are the problem, buddy.”



“When guys have those obnoxiously loud cars and revs them up so the whole town can hear them. And you can tell they are purposely doing it. And to take it further, they stare at you.”



“Guys who treat women they don’t find attractive like shit. You may be the hottest mf in here, but if you think you’re too good to say thank you to the girl who just helped you with something or manage a few sentences of small talk to the person you just met, don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”



“Interrupting. I’ll let it slide three times. Then I’ll just tune out the rest of the conversation and excuse myself when I can.”



“Bragging about past sexual conquests - instant conversation ender.”



“When men try to give you a back-handed compliment or straight up insult you in an attempt to reel you in.”



“Catcalling catcalling catcalling.”



“When he treats retail workers/servers like crap. Being embarrassed in public is not a turn on. One guy I dated did this and just called it being ‘assertive’. I said take off the ‘ertive’ and you’d be right.”



“If a dude is always wanting to fight other dudes for petty ass shit.”



“You would be surprised how many guys I’ve encountered that speak negatively/ disrespect other women in front of me expecting me to think it’s funny. If you comment your (negative/mean) opinion on another woman’s body, I am not going to hook up with you. It doesn’t make me feel better about myself or whatever you’re trying to achieve. It tells me you’re an asshole who will probably do that behind my back too.”



“Bragging about your personal wealth, even in a joking manner. I don’t care how rich you are, or how much money you paid for your damn shoes. It’s not going to impress me in the slightest.”


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