World's Oldest Living Male Twins Pierre And Paul Langerock Celebrate 104th Birthday

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The world’s oldest living male twins Paulus and Pieter Langerock (aka Paul and Pierre) celebrated their 104th birthday this weekend.

The Belgian brothers, born on 8 July 1913, previously revealed what they believed to be the secret to a long life.

“Don’t waste your time fooling around, don’t eat too much and don’t run after women,” they said, according to the Mail Online.

The title of ‘world’s oldest male twins’ is currently held by Glen and Dale Moyer, from the US, who were both alive for at least 105 years before Glen passed away.

Paul and Pierre
Francois Lenoir / Reuters
Paul and Pierre

Formerly court magistrates, Pierre and Paul now live in a nursing home together, just outside of Ghent, Belgium.

According to Reuters, they never married as they didn’t approve of one another’s partners.

They do sometimes regret not having children or grandchildren, however they said they’ve always found comfort in one another’s friendship.

The 104-year-olds indulge in a glass of wine each day and reportedly favour “good quality Bordeaux” over anything else.

Wishing them the happiest of birthdays!