The Worst Things To Say When Someone Says 'I Love You', And You Aren't Feeling It Back

So. Awkward.

If you someone says “I love you” and you’re just not feeling it, knowing how to respond can be a minefield.

But on Reddit, people have been sharing their thoughts on what you really, really shouldn’t say.

“That’s nice.” - bertnod

“Please don’t.” - ajono

“I like you too, but as a brother.” - brozoned_forever

“Thank you.” - Nicho_Bananas

“If it’s through text or online, ‘lol’” - whosdewey

“I’m hungry, let’s get something to eat.” - Valtteri2644

“I love me too!” - iAmTheRedditCEO

“The worst response is a lie.” - SaysReddit

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