The 8 Worst Possible Times To Receive A Sext

Definitely not sexy.

It is no secret that people love flirting online: in 2016 the aubergine emoji has become an acceptable way to convey the strength of your feelings.

But now a new study has revealed that you have a 1 in 4 chance of your sext being leaked (ie. being sent to all their friends in a group Whatsapp), so you might want to be a bit more careful before getting explicit.

These really are the worst times to receive that shower picture...

1. When You’re FaceTiming Your Grandma

Trying to maintain a neutral expression and listen to her bingo story...impossible.

2. When You’re Drunk With Your Friends

The likelihood of that being shared and analysed just reached 100%.

3. When You’re Eating Sunday Roast With Your Parents

Pork belly, anyone?

4. When You’re On The Toilet


5. When You’re On The Bus

Yes the man behind you can read that over your shoulder. And he is judging you.

6. When You’re Showing Your Boss Holiday Photos On Your Phone

Please don’t fire me.

7. When You’re At The Cinema

The brightness means you might as well actually have it projected on to the screen.

8. When You Have Your Phone On The Table At The Pub

That locked screen only protects you so much. That’ll teach you...maybe.