02/09/2017 21:31 BST | Updated 04/09/2017 07:55 BST

'X Factor' Has Just Found The Liverpudlian Version Of Adele In Kayleigh Taylor, And She's Just As Hilarious

She's got the personality to match the voice.

With her brilliant personality and huge vocals, Adele is pretty much the perfect pop star, but ‘The X Factor’ has just unearthed someone who could give her a run for their money in both departments. 

Kayleigh Taylor was one of the stand-out contestants who tried out for judges Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh when the ITV talent show returned on Saturday (2 September) night. 

Not only was her rendition of Evanescence’s hit ‘My Immortal’ totally spellbinding, but she also put on a comedy show for the judges too. 

Kayleigh Taylor

Here’s 10 of our favourite moments from her audition...

1. She was brutally honest about what will happen to her relationship if she hit the big time: “If I win, I’ll ditch you and get with Simon,” she told her partner as she waited to sing. 

2. After taking a selfie in the audition room, she was less than impressed with the results: “Bloody hell, I look like Vicky Pollard,” she moaned.

3. Making an entrance in front of the judges, she caught a whiff of herself and proclaimed: “Ooh, I should have worn a stronger deodorant.”

4. She then proceeded to give us her relationship history: “I met my fella on a dating website, but I lied on my profile. I think I said I was a size eight, but I missed the one off in front.”

5. When Simon asked if they’d met before, she had the perfect response: “We have. In your dreams.”

6. She revealed she is the proud owner of a tattoo of Simon Cowell’s name. “I was in Magaluf. I had about 10 vodkas ‘cos they was only about a euro, and I thought ‘let’s get it done’, so I did!” she explained “Do you wanna have a look?” she said before revealing it to the panel. 

Kayleigh shows off her tattoo

7. Admitting she may not have been ready to show off her ink, she howled: “I should have got a spray tan, shouldn’t I?”

8. Poor Nicole Scherzinger had a bit of trouble understanding exactly what was going on, turning to her fellow judges and muttering: “I don’t understand a word she’s saying.”

9. Cutting herself off halfway through her powerful rendition of Evanescence’s ‘My Immortal’, she stopped and asked: “Is that alright?” “More than alright,” Simon replied. 

10. The audition ended on an empowering note, as after Kayleigh put herself down about her weight, Sharon told her: “Can I tell you something missus? Stop all the crap about the weight - it doesn’t matter. It’s who you are, if you want it to be. If you are comfortable, show it.” Amen, Sharon. 

‘The X Factor’ continues on Sunday at 8pm on ITV. 

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