X Factor's Top 20 Best Moments Ever: From Rylan At Judges Houses To Olly Murs' Infamous Blunder

'Who knew you were doing uptempo, owww'

The X Factor‘ is celebrating 13 heeeeuuuuge years on the box this year so we thought it was only right and proper that we took a look back at the show’s most memorable moments.

There have been enough tears to fill Simon Cowell‘s indoor swimming pool several times over and more tantrums than we can shake a Sinitta palm-leaf bikini at.

There have also been fisticuffs, wardrobe malfunctions and errrm Calvin Harris stage invading with a pineapple on his head.

So as the tenth series hits our screens, here’s our top 20 best bits from the show so far...

Top 20 'X Factor' Moments


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