'X Factor' Judges Blasted By Viewers For Putting Through Honey G And Ottavio & Bradley To Six Chair Challenge

Not everyone is happy with the judges' decisions.

‘X Factor’ viewers kicked off as bootcamp came to a close on Sunday night (18 September), following the judges’ decision to put certain acts through to the Six Chair Challenge.

True, you can’t please everyone, and hopefulls need to be eliminated at every stage of the competition, but some ‘X Factor’ fans were unhappy that “novelty” acts like Honey G and Ottavio & Bradley were given the thumbs up, while other more serious contenders were given the chop.

<strong>The 'X Factor' acts celebrate getting through to Six Chair Challenge</strong>
The 'X Factor' acts celebrate getting through to Six Chair Challenge

Fans of the show took to Twitter to lambast the decision, insisting other more worthy acts had been deprived of their spot:

Celebrating her victory, Honey G (real name Anna Georgette Guilford) concluded the episode as she declared: “Honey G is coming at the Six Chair Challenge. It is going to go off left right and centre. This is the sickest thing to ever happen to me.”

Honey G made an impression with her audition at the beginning of the series, when she put her own spin on Missy Elliott’s ‘Work It’, complete with an attempt at reverse-rapping on the chorus.

You’d also be hard pressed to forget Ottavio & Bradley’s first appearance on the show, after they famously had a row in the middle of their ‘X Factor’ debut... over raw chicken.

Despite it being lambasted by viewers each year for being drawn out and cruel, the ‘X Factor’ six chair challenge returns next weekend, with each member of the panel narrowing down their categories to just six acts, ahead of judges’ houses.

The fun (we suppose) kicks off on Saturday night (24 September) at 8pm on ITV.

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