'X Factor': 8 Contestants Whose Exits Were Particularly Controversial

We're still not over Gamu-gate, tbh.

Every year, ‘The X Factor’ witnesses the untimely departure of one contestant that proves to be a real shocker.

Cries of ‘FIX!’ inevitably follow, with viewers calling for Ofcom investigations and for the judges to be sacked. God love the British public, eh?

Join us as we relive some such moments, with a rundown of X Factor’s most controversial exits...

Lucie Jones (Series 6)
There were accusations of a fix when Simon Cowell saved novelty act Jedward over Lucie Jones when they landed in the bottom two in 2009, despite his prior dislike of them.

His vote sent it to Deadlock, with the results of the public vote revealing Welsh singer Lucie had been eliminated.
Amelia Lily (Series 8)
Amelia Lily was one of four contestants voted off in the very first week of live shows during the 2011 series, when a cruel twist meant each judge was forced to ditch one act each from their categories.

Viewers felt she was axed before her time, and voted for her to return to the competition when they were given a chance to choose a replacement for axed Frankie Cocozza, following his drugs scandal.

Amelia then went on to finish third in the competition overall, and egg was well and truly on Kelly Rowland's face.
Carolynne Poole (Series 9)
Just think how different the showbiz world would be today if Rylan had been voted off in week one of the 2012 series of 'The X Factor'.

It was a real possibility when he landed in the bottom two alongside Carolynne Poole. Her elimination was particularly controversial as there were claims a producer had told Louis Walsh to send to the judges' vote to Deadlock.

The fact Louis had chosen to save Rylan also prompted fellow judge Gary Barlow to walk off the show in disgust.
Laura White (Series 5)
'X Factor' fans were shocked when former favourite Laura was voted off the show during week five of the 2008 series.

It proved to be one of the greatest sing-offs ever when she went up against Ruth Lorenzo in the bottom two. But when the judges failed to agree on who to send home, it went to Deadlock and Laura was shown the door.
Maria Lawson (Series 2)
Maria's departure was the first ever 'X Factor' exit that proved to be a real shocker. She was favourite ahead of eventual winner Shayne Ward to win, before she landed in the bottom two in week five of the 2005 series.

After going head-to-head with The Conway Sisters in the sing-off, Sharon was the only one to save Maria, as Simon backed his own act, and Louis voted to keep the Irish girlband, obviously.
Ella Henderson (Series 9)
It was probably the biggest shock in 'X Factor' history when both James Arthur and Ella Henderson landed in the bottom two in week seven of the 2012 series.

After Tulisa and Louis voted to send home James, and Nicole and Gary voted to eliminate Ella, Deadlock was called, and it was revealed Ella would be leaving the competition, after receiving the fewest public votes.

James eventually went on to win the series, while coming sixth certainly didn't hamper Ella's future career, as she later signed with Simon Cowell's label.
Aiden Grimshaw (Series 7)
Having been in the bottom two a grand total of three times before, Katie Waissel couldn't quite believe it when a Deadlock situation revealed she'd polled more votes than Aiden Grimshaw.

Years later, we still feel Aiden was sent home far too early.
Gamu (Series 7)
Cheryl Cole (as she then was) went from national treasure to public enemy number one when she failed to pick Gamu as one of her final three girls in 2010.

Her decision proved particularly divisive as she'd put through Katie Waissel and Cher Lloyd who'd both messed up their Judges' Houses performances, while Gamu had aced hers.

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