‘X Factor’: Four Of Diamonds Were ‘Manufactured’ By Show, After Auditioning Separately

Their first room audition wasn't actually their first meeting with the judges.

‘X Factor’ group Four Of Diamonds are manufactured, and were put together after auditioning separately, it has been revealed.

The four singers, Yasmin, Caroline, Lauren and Sophia, have been given another chance in the competition and will replace Brooks Way in the live shows.

Four Of Diamonds
Four Of Diamonds
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However, the Sun has revealed that all is not as it seems, reporting that the singers each faced the judges on their own, before being picked to form a new group.

There was no mention of their individual auditions when they tried out as a group earlier this year.

Four Of Diamonds will take to the stage in this weekend’s ‘X Factor’ live show, after being drafted in to replace Brooks Way.

The duo were unceremoniously dropped from the competition over the weekend, following allegations of physical abuse, made by Josh’s ex-girlfriend.

Louis Walsh shared his joy at bringing Four Of Diamonds back, stating: “I was really impressed with the girls at Judges’ Houses but only had three spots to fill for the Live Shows.

“At the time a lot of viewers were disappointed that I didn’t put the girls through, now that a place has opened up in my category, I’ve listened to the fans and am delighted to be bringing the girls back.

“They’re a great girl group and I’m hoping will take me all the way to the final.”

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