‘X Factor’: Honey G Claims ‘People Are Discriminating Against Me Because I’m White’

'They are using the race card against me.'

‘X Factor’ hopeful Honey G has spoken out to slam critics who have accused her of racism and appropriation of black culture, stating that she feels discriminated against because she is white.

The rapper has been a huge hit with fans of the ITV talent show, and is yet to end up in the bottom two, but that hasn’t stopped the criticism from rolling in.

Now, speaking to The Mirror, Honey G has blasted her detractors, accusing them of “using the race card against me”.

Honey G
Honey G
Danny Martindale via Getty Images

Honey G has also been at the centre of conversations about whether her persona is fake, and her latest comments come just a day after Simon Cowell’s best pal Sinitta declared that she doesn’t believe Honey G is for real.

She did, however, defend the self-styled rapper from North Wheezy when asked if she believes her act is racist, dismissing the claims and describing her as “a musical version of Ali G”.

This weekend, ‘X Factor’ viewers will see something a little different when the contestant performs, as for the first time so far in the competition, she’ll be singing as well as rapping.


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