24/10/2016 13:53 BST

'X Factor': Honey G Defended From Racism Claims By 50 Cent

'They don’t know what racism really is.'

50 Cent has leapt to the defence of ‘X Factor’ contestant Honey G, after she was accused of being racist

Some viewers claimed she has appropriated aspects of black culture on the ITV talent show, even comparing her outfits and performance style to “black face”. 

Fellow rapper 50 Cent has now claimed such critics have no idea “what racism really is”, as he praised her for “bringing some happiness into the world”. 

Honey G has been accused of appropriating black culture
Prince Williams via Getty Images
50 Cent has defended his fellow rapper

Honey G herself previously refuted racism accusations, claiming she has been heavily influenced by black culture. 

Any claims about me being racist are completely false and ridiculous,” she told the Daily Star.

“I’ve been heavily influenced by rap and hip-hop culture and involved in it for a number of years.”

50 Cent is the latest rapper to come out as a Honey G fan, as Snoop Dogg previously revealed he would drop everything to duet with her, if she is to make the ‘X Factor’ final. 

‘The X Factor’ continues on Saturday at 8pm on ITV. 

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