Honey G Only Just Released Her First Single, But She's Already Dreaming Of Launching Her Own Talent Show

One step at a time.

Far be if from us to suggest she’s getting ahead of herself, but Honey G is already hoping to launch her own talent show.

The novelty ‘X Factor’ rapper has only just released her debut single, but she is already envisaging a long-lasting career.

David M. Benett via Getty Images

But it isn’t just her own show Honey is holding out for, oh no.

Steady on now, Honey.

The star unveiled the video for her debut single ‘The Honey G Show’ on Friday (23 December), and let’s just say we don’t think Kanye West has anything to worry about.

She’s also launched a whole range of merchandise JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS.

Items on sale include Honey G masks, mugs, t-shirts and teddy bears, which any self-respecting rap fan will surely want to unwrap come Christmas morning.

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