X Factor's Ryan Lawrie Says Honey G 'Doesn't Deserve' To Make The Final, Following Controversial Exit (EXCLUSIVE)

'It's up to the public... but I don't think she deserves it.'

Eliminated ‘X Factor’ singer Ryan Lawrie has admitted he doesn’t feel like Honey G should make it to the final, ahead of the rest of this year’s contestants.

The singer became the latest act to leave the competition during Sunday’s (20 November) results show, which proved to be controversial, as he was up against the novelty rapper.

When HuffPost UK caught up with Ryan the morning after his departure, he revealed: “I kind of knew I was going home when I knew I was in the bottom two with Honey G.

“I knew that I would be going, because, I don’t know, it was the first time she was in the bottom two and I’ve been there so much.”

<strong>Ryan Lawrie and Honey G</strong>
Ryan Lawrie and Honey G

Ryan did say it was a “bit of a surprise” that after two sing-offs and three times in the bottom three, it was ultimately Honey G who sent him home, adding: “I felt like maybe it was the right time for her to be [in the bottom two]. But she got saved and I respect the judges’ decision.”

We also asked Ryan how he’d feel if she made it all the way to the last week of the competition, to which he said: “I feel like if she does get to the final, it’s the public that’s got her there, so she does deserve it in a way, as it’s up to the public who they want to see in the final.

“I don’t think, so far, she deserves to be in the final. I’d say [5 After Midnight, Emily Middlemas and Matt Terry] do. It’s a tough one.”

<strong>Honey G's reaction to staying in the competition was as subtle as ever</strong>
Honey G's reaction to staying in the competition was as subtle as ever

However, he insisted he had “no hard feelings” towards Honey G or the judging panel, telling us: “The whole experience has been so good and it’s a massive platform that I’m going to use the best that I can and hopefully progress my career on.”

Honey G has proved to be one of the most controversial contestants in ‘X Factor’ history, facing a backlash from some viewers for still holding a place in the contest, while others have gone as far as accusing her of cultural appropriation, which she has vehemently denied multiple times.

‘The X Factor’ continues on Saturday (26 November) at 8pm on ITV.

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