21/03/2017 18:03 GMT

X Factor's Louisa Johnson Says The Contestants Work Far Harder Than Any Of Us Realise

'I don’t think anyone who goes on the show gets enough credit.'

‘X Factor’ winner Louisa Johnson has claimed people don’t realise the hard work put in by contestants on the show.

Louisa, who appeared on the show back in 2015, has admitted she doesn’t think the show’s stars “get enough credit”, insisting that even those who only last a short time on the show put in a lot of work.

When asked how being on the show differed from her prior preconceptions, she told ‘BUILD’: “It was very different.

“It was very hectic - I thought I’d turn up and sing on a Saturday, and go home… no.”

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Louisa Johnson

She continued: “It was the busiest thing I’ve ever [done] - it might even have been busier than now. There was so much going on, because you’re really concentrating on what you want to [perform] at the weekend, and getting that right, then there’s all these other interviews, press stuff, things going on in the week. I can’t even remember what went on.

“But it was just so, so hectic, there was not much time to actually focus on what you were doing [during live shows], so you had to kind of do it on the run. And that’s why it’s really hard.”

Insisting ‘X Factor’ viewers don’t realise how much work contestants put in, she added: “I’m not just excusing myself, but I don’t think anyone who goes on the show, whether they’re on for two weeks or the whole way through, they get enough credit, because it’s a very, very hard process.”

Louisa Johnson and her 'X Factor' mentor, Rita Ora

However, she insisted that while the hard work was “very difficult”, it was also “very worth it”, now that she’s achieved her dream of being a popstar.

Fans of Louisa are currently awaiting the release of her debut album, following the singles ‘So Good’ and ‘Best Behaviour’, as well as the Clean Bandit collaboration, ‘Tears’.

Watch her full ‘BUILD’ interview below:

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