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'X Factor' Winner Matt Terry Teases Potential Nicole Scherzinger Collaboration As He Denies Flirting Accusations

'It’s a brother and sister relationship.'

Matt Terry and Nicole Scherzinger’s flirting certainly set tongues wagging during their time on ‘The X Factor’, but he has now insisted their relationship is purely platonic. 

In fact, the show champion has revealed he’d love to continue working with the former Pussycat Doll in a professional capacity by recording a duet with her for his upcoming album. 

Matt spoke to The Huffington Post UK on an edition of ‘BUILD’ on Wednesday (14 November), where he set the record straight on his and Nicole’s playful behaviour. 

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Matt Terry

”Do you know what, it’s a brother and sister relationship,” he said. “We are like the same person. We have the same mind, we think the same, we have the same ideas. We say the same words at the same time, it’s really creepy.

“We just come up with the same things. It’s just a really good relationship.”

He continued: “I think it was on the same day, we both had separate interviews and I was saying, ‘Nicole is like my big sis,’ she was saying, ‘Oh My God, he’s like my little brother.’ So yeah, we spoke about that and she said ‘that’s so weird, I said that about you today,’ and I said, ‘No way, I just said that about you

“It’s a great relationship and I’m so glad that I met her and she’s in my
life, she’s such an inspiration to me and big support.”

Matt with 'X Factor' mentor Nicole Scherzinger

Matt also admitted Nicole was the judge he wanted as a mentor from his very first audition, claiming his choice had nothing to do with how attractive she is. No, not at all. 

“I knew I wanted Nicole from the very start... [laughs] Because she’s a great mentor!” he joked.

“She knows what she’s doing - she’s done it, she’s been in the charts for years and got so much experience in this. She’s a singer herself and we’re similar people - we have the same background, we sing the same way, so she completely understands me.

“You know how she is, she’s like, ‘Balls to the wall’ and all this stuff and people are like, ‘What does that mean?’ and I’m like ‘I know what that means!’ We just get each other, like a hand movement, and I know if that is to do with my voice. She’d say one word and I’d be like, ‘I get it.’ I’m fluent in Scherzy!” 

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Matt sat down for a live chat on 'BUILD'

Asked if he’d like to record a duet with the star as previous winner James Arthur has done, Matt added: “Absolutely, I couldn’t think of anything better.”

Matt also eyed the possibility of recording a song with Sam Smith, after the ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ singer voiced his support for him during the competition.

The pair were rumoured to be performing together last Saturday’s final, before it was confirmed he would duet with Nicole on a version of ‘Purple Rain’ instead.

Hahn Lionel/ABACA USA
Matt would love to record a duet with Sam Smith

Asked if a performance with Sam had been planned, Matt said: “I don’t think so. I was unaware if it was.

“As soon as live shows started - if I was lucky enough to make the final - Nicole and I knew we wanted to sing together so I think, as far as I’m concerned, I think that was the idea all along.”

Matt Terry’s single ‘When Christmas Comes Around is out now. 

Watch the full interview with Matt in the video below.

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