'X Factor': Honey G Takes A Tumble After Over Enthusiastic Reaction To Result

Man down!

Honey G has learned a valuable lesson about attempting knee slides in pleather leggings, after coming a cropper during the ‘X Factor’ results show.

The novelty rapper suffered an embarrassing mishap during Sunday (6 November) night’s edition of the ITV talent show, when she took a tumble on stage.

<strong>Honey G has survived another week on 'The X Factor'</strong>
Honey G has survived another week on 'The X Factor'

Honey, who impressed the judges on Saturday night with her rendition of Kriss Kross’ hit ‘Jump’, was elated at the news she had made it through to another week in the competition, when Dermot read out her name as one of the contestants who were safe.

However, her decision to celebrate the result with a knee slide proved to be a mistake, as she nearly fell flat on her face.

<strong>Honey took a tumble as she celebrated the result</strong>
Honey took a tumble as she celebrated the result

Meanwhile, the audience were not impressed to discover Honey had escaped the sing off, and could be heard booing the result.

Honey wasn’t the only one who had a rather OTT reaction to the result though, as Nicole Scherzinger mounted her contestant Matt Terry when it was revealed he was also safe from elimination.

<strong>Nicole was very happy to see Matt through to next week</strong>
Nicole was very happy to see Matt through to next week
<strong>Nicole's reaction raised eyebrows from Simon Cowell</strong>
Nicole's reaction raised eyebrows from Simon Cowell

It certainly raised an eyebrow from Simon Cowell, whose act Sam Lavery was announced as being in the bottom three.

She later escaped the sing off thanks to the lifeline vote, leaving Four Of Diamonds and Saara Aalto to go head-to-head in the final showdown.

The girl group were then sent home by the judges, after Simon, Nicole and Sharon Osbourne all opted to keep Saara in the competition.

‘The X Factor’ continues next Saturday and Sunday at 8pm on ITV with a Disco Week theme.

If watching people fall over is your kind of thing, you can see plenty more on-stage tumbles in the gallery below.


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