29/11/2016 11:14 GMT

‘X Factor’: Sharon Osbourne Hits Back After Cue Card Criticism

As usual, she's not holding back.

‘X Factor’ judge Sharon Osbourne has hit out at her critics (again), following the revelation that she used cue cards during Sunday’s (27 November) results show.

And as you probably expected, Mrs O has got some harsh words for those who have been left unimpressed.

Paul Archuleta via Getty Images
Sharon Osbourne

During an interview with The Sun, she hits back: “It really pisses me off because, the thing is, this isn’t ‘University Challenge’. We’re in the music industry.

“You’re meant to have a good time, be entertained, have a laugh.

“Just because I’m not dead serious and on the ball like this it’s like, please, get a life.”

It’s not just the cue cards which have resulted in criticism, there’s also been lots of speculation over whether Sharon has been enjoying a few too many shandies before the live shows.


Naturally, she has a response to this too, stating: “Because somebody’s having a good time do they have to be drunk because you’re a sad fuck and need to get loaded to have a good time? I don’t.”

Well… That’s that then, isn’t it?

This weekend’s ‘X Factor’ saw the departure of Honey G, but the rapper has insisted that we haven’t seen the last of her.

Speaking on ‘Xtra Factor’ after her elimination, she claimed that the team behind the show have actually prepared a track for her to release.

“I’d really, really like to get a record deal with Simon Cowell,” she added. “I have my heart set on that. I know I can sell records, and I’ve got the potential to go far as a rap artist.”


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